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Prevalence of Sexual Assault

NEW BLOG POST: Prevalence of Sexual Assault #saam

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

1 in 4 or 6? Much more.

I grew up privileged in almost every way.  Like other young people I assumed that everyone lived a life mostly similar to my own.  Growing up and engaging with others has proven that assumption to be false.  Repeatedly, sadly.

While this has certainly been true regarding religion, my learning about sexual assault was different, pointed, and very memorable.

Yes, I knew…

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Shrimp Scampi Bake

NEW BLOG POST: Shrimp Scampi Bake #foodie

Cleaning Shrimp

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As usual, I began with a recipe from  This appealed because it was easy.  Turns out that it was easier that I anticipated! And the results were awesome.

I had purchased shrimp that needed to be peeled, but was already cleaned.  As I started working I noticed that there was a black line and was sort of annoyed that I had paid for cleaned shrimp but hadn’t gotten…

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Apricot Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies

NEW BLOG POST: Apricot Chocolate Chip Pecan #Cookies #foodie

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Apricot Chocolate Pecan Cookies

I wanted apricot cookies so I went in search of a recipe and found this one.

I had tried another recipe of theirs previously for coconut oatmeal cookies.  These were horrible!  They loo

ked incredible in the oven until about 1 minute before they were to supposed to be done.  At that point they completely collapsed into paper thin nothings.  They were so bad I threw away the…

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Tim Holtz Snips - Review

Tim Holtz Snips – Review

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Tim Holtz Snips

I am no stranger to good scissors.  My mother sews with only Gingher and has special words for children and others that touch her Ginghers with anything but fabric!  I have several pairs of Ginghers in different sizes and even have two left-handed rotary cutters…and a seam ripper.

BUT, spending money on scissors to cut paper seemed way over the top.  So, I avoided purchasing…

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Be aware, when you change, evolve or try something new you will make people very uncomfortable for 2 reasons.

First, they will have to adjust how they are with you. Most people are fearful and lazy so they will resent you for this.

Secondly, by you changing, especially for what you believe is ‘the better’, you force others to take a look at themselves and the things they would like to change… but change is tough, so they will resent you for making it obvious that they are responsible for their circumstances.

Ignore them, and keep growing stronger! In time they will either adjust to the new you, choose to grow stronger themselves, or simply disappear.

By Elliot Hulse (via creatingaquietmind)