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Outraged over Eden Foods’s lawsuit against birth control?

The negative press has been rolling in for a week, and a major grocery co-op in Brooklyn is already talking about dropping Eden Foods from their shelves.1 But Eden Foods’s CEO Michael Potter has doubled-down on his stand against birth control coverage, telling reporters that he’s getting a lot of criticism over the lawsuit—but that he’s also hearing from customers who support it.2

60,000 UltraViolet members have told Eden Foods to drop their anti-woman lawsuit. Thousands more have posted on Eden Foods’s Facebook wall demanding they drop the lawsuit or lose their progressive-minded customer base. But so far, Eden hasn’t budged—and if they win this lawsuit, it will set a dangerous precedent of allowing employers to make health care decisions for their employees. We can’t let that happen.

Now, we need to take the fight to Twitter so that the anger over Eden Foods’s anti-woman lawsuit is everywhere. Potter needs to see that those of us who oppose his attack on birth control coverage far outnumber those who support it. Since you’ve tweeted about important UltraViolet campaigns before, we hope you can help. Can you Tweet @EdenFoods?

Tweet @EdenFoods. Tell them to drop their anti-woman lawsuit.

It’s best if you tweet at Eden Foods in your own words. But if you need some help fitting it into 140 characters, here are some suggestions—just click one to tweet it:

.@EdenFoods—drop your anti-woman lawsuit or I’ll be dropping you from my grocery list #SexismFreeFood

Organics and sexism don’t mix. @EdenFoods needs to drop their lawsuit #SexismFreeFood

Anti-woman applesauce, right-wing wild rice, sexist soy milk? @EdenFoods leaves a bad taste in your mouth #SexismFreeFood

Their lawsuit against birth control coverage is motivated by right-wing ideology, but Eden Foods is ultimately a business. And they’re beginning to get the message from their customers that this anti-woman lawsuit is bad for their bottom line. We’ve got to keep putting on the pressure until they drop the lawsuit.

Thanks for speaking out,

Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Malinda and Karin, the Ultraviolet team


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2. Eden Foods sues over birth control mandate; customers voice outrage on social media, Detroit Free Press, April 22, 2013